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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
536CAPPARACEAE Capparis mitchelliiAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib.
730FLACOURTIACEAE Homalium vitienseAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
882PITTOSPORACEAE Bursaria spinosaAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
887PITTOSPORACEAE Citriobatus spinescensAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
2989ELAEOCARPACEAE Elaeocarpus grandisAustraliaWoodPierpont FH
3083ERYTHROXYLACEAE Erythroxylum australeAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
3290RUTACEAE Citrus australisAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862
3333RUTACEAE Flindersia brayleyanaAustraliaWoodForest Service Brisbane
3339RUTACEAE Flindersia australisAustraliaWoodForest Service Brisbane
3340RUTACEAE Flindersia australisAustraliaWoodInter. Exhib. 1862

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