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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
593VIOLACEAE Hymenanthera latifoliaNorfolk IslandWoodRalston P
2414MALVACEAE Lagunaria patersoniiNorfolk IslandWoodJodrell Mat.Denison Sir W
3463RUTACEAE Zanthoxylum blackburniaNorfolk IslandWoodHeward RCunningham A
4773CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron spNorfolk IslandWoodDenison Sir W
9935MYRTACEAE Leptospermum spNorfolk IslandWoodDenison Sir W
12781OLEACEAE Olea apetalaNorfolk IslandWoodDenison Sir W
18310ARAUCARIACEAE Araucaria heterophyllaNorfolk IslandGall and woodParis Exhib. 1855
18312ARAUCARIACEAE Araucaria heterophyllaNorfolk IslandGall and root gall
19747VIOLACEAE Melicytus ramiflorusNorfolk IslandWoodRalston P
27299ARAUCARIACEAE Araucaria heterophyllaNorfolk IslandDrinking cupMilligan Dr

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