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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
25451COMBRETACEAE Terminalia bialataIndiaWoodIndia Museum
29019CYCADACEAE Cycas rumphiiIndiaFruitMann G
34751PANDANACEAE Pandanus leramIndiaBrush made from DrupeLane Fox Major Gen
34813PANDANACEAE Pandanus leramIndiaSeedMan EH
35342PALMAE Cocos nuciferaIndiaWater vessels made from coconut shellsMan EH
35378PALMAE Cocos nuciferaIndiaCarved coconut shells for water
35397PALMAE Cocos nuciferaIndiaNicobar CoconutsThomas EB
43294MORACEAE Ficus brevicuspisIndiaClothMan EHMan EH
43508ULMACEAE Celtis sp.IndiaCoat made from barkMan EHMan EH
43509ULMACEAE Celtis sp.IndiaOk-hô clothDr Prain, Herbarium, CalcuttaMan EH

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