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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
55DILLENIACEAE Dillenia reticulataMalaysiaWoodSingapore Bot Gard
64DILLENIACEAE Dillenia eximiaMalaysiaWoodW.T.
177MAGNOLIACEAE Michelia champacaMalaysiaWoodBM (Nat Hist)
214ANNONACEAE Cyathocalyx pruniferusMalaysiaWoodRidley HN
232ILLICIACEAE Illicium cambodianumMalaysiaWoodRidley HN
290ANNONACEAE Cyathocalyx ramuliflorusMalaysiaWoodBM (Nat Hist)
340ANNONACEAE Mitrephora maingayiMalaysiaWoodRidley HN
458ANNONACEAE Cyathocalyx pruniferusMalaysiaWoodCarrick J
3720BURSERACEAE Canarium rufumMalaysiaWoodSingapore Bot. Gard.
5658ANACARDIACEAE Buchanania sessilifoliaMalaysiaWood

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