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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
65DILLENIACEAE Dillenia spMalaysiaWoodNorth Borneo For Dept
68DILLENIACEAE Dillenia excelsaMalaysiaWoodN.Borneo Forestry Dept.
105MAGNOLIACEAE Elmerrillia tsiampaccaMalaysiaWoodMeijer, For Botanist
172MAGNOLIACEAE Michelia albaMalaysiaWoodS.H.
213MAGNOLIACEAE Michelia spMalaysiaWoodS.H.
220MAGNOLIACEAE Magnolia gigantifoliaMalaysiaWoodNorth Borneo For Dept
450ANNONACEAE MalaysiaWoodS.H.
473MENISPERMACEAE Limacia blumeiMalaysiaWoodHerb.Kewbin Samsudain Maidin
484MENISPERMACEAE Coscinium fenestratumMalaysiaWoodSANForman L Herb. Kew
1230GUTTIFERAE Garcinia spMalaysiaWoodS.H. N.Borneo For. Dept.

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