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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
4188MELIACEAE Epicharis bailloniVietnamWoodPierre M
15318THYMELAEACEAE Aquilaria malaccensisVietnamWoodBretschneider Dr
26254PALMAE Cocos nuciferaVietnamWoodFranco-Brit. Exhib. (Tahiti?)
29001CYCADACEAE Cycas micholitziiVietnamConeRidley HN
29335ZINGIBERACEAE Alpinia galangaVietnamRootFranco-British Exhib.
29337ZINGIBERACEAE Alpinia galangaVietnamFruitFranco-British Exhibition
29353ZINGIBERACEAE Alpinia spVietnamDried GingerFranco-Br. Exhib.
29486ZINGIBERACEAE Zingiber officinaleVietnamUnbleached Cochin Ginger
29490ZINGIBERACEAE Zingiber officinaleVietnamDried gingerFranco-Brit Exib
29639MUSACEAE Musa spVietnamBanana fibreFranco Br Exhib

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