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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
66DILLENIACEAE Dillenia spThailandWoodRoyal Forest Department, Siam
222MAGNOLIACEAE Magnolia candolliiThailandWoodDirector, Department of Forests, Bangkok
386ANNONACEAE Polyalthia spThailandWood
477MENISPERMACEAE Diploclisia glaucescensThailandWoodHerb.KewKhantchai
693FLACOURTIACEAE Flacourtia thoreliiThailandWoodRoyal Forest Department, Siam
969MENISPERMACEAE Tinomiscium petiolareThailandWoodHerb Kew, Forman LLBanziger H
1388THEACEAE Schima noronhaeThailandWoodDirector, Department of Forests, Bangkok
1458DIPTEROCARPACEAE Anisoptera curtisiiThailandWoodDirector, Department of Forests, Bangkok
1497DIPTEROCARPACEAE Balanocarpus maximusThailandWoodDirector, Department of Forests, Bangkok
1498DIPTEROCARPACEAE Balanocarpus maximusThailandWoodRoyal Forestry Dept. ThailandLloyd WF

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