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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
28466PINACEAE Pinus uncinataFranceCones and foliageThiselton Dyer WJ
76996GERANIACEAE Pelargonium spFranceRose geranium oil, FrenchPharm Soc GB
90234POACEAE Triticum monococcumDebranned einkorn grainNesbitt MNesbitt M
91820SALICACEAE Salix spFrancePerigord basketBichard MGoymer S
91838POACEAE Molinia caeruleaChileDough rising basketBichard M
91844CORYLACEAE Corylus sp.FranceHen basketBichard M
91845SALICACEAE Salix sp.FranceWall basketBichard M
91850SALICACEAE Salix sp.FranceBlackcurrant basketBichard M
91857SALICACEAE Salix sp.FranceDough basketBichard M
91859SALICACEAE Salix sp.FranceFarm basketBichard M

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