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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
17445FAGACEAE Castanea sativaFranceWoodParis Exhib. 1855
17446FAGACEAE Castanea sativaFranceWoodParis Exhib. 1855
17448FAGACEAE Castanea sativaFranceWoodParis Exhib. 1855
26078FAGACEAE Castanea sativaFranceDuplicateParis Exhib. 1855
30156NONE Alsidium helminthocortonFrance
34454POSIDONIACEAE Posidonia oceanicaFrancePortion of PlantCollett Sir H
34467POSIDONIACEAE Posidonia oceanicaFranceRemains of plants & fibrous ballsStubbs Mrs J R.B.G. Kew
43051MORACEAE Ficus caricaFranceFig containing developed gall waspsStubbs Jane
43115MORACEAE Ficus caricaFranceFigStubbs Jane
48193SOLANACEAE Nicotiana spFranceCorsican tobaccoBlackburne AC

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