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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
23700LAURACEAE Phoebe nan-muChinaWoodBradford E
41286PAPAVERACEAE Papaver somniferumChinaScarified poppy headsO'Brien-Butler PE
46935LAURACEAE Cinnamomum sp.ChinaBarkPharm Soc GB
46940LAURACEAE Cinnamomum sp.ChinaBarkPharm Soc GB
48995GENTIANACEAE Swertia dilutaChinaFlowering stemsPalmer J Jnr & Co
52165COMPOSITAE Achillea sibericaChinaRootPharm Soc GB
56383NONE Pachyma cocosChinaPharm Soc GB
60735LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Millettia pachycarpaChinaFruitsHenry O
60745LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Mucuna macrocarpaChinaPodsHenry Dr A
62539LAURACEAE Phoebe nan-muChinaBarkBradford E

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