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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
79863POACEAE ChinaBamboo fluteHolttum RE
91901ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaJacket dyed with natural indigoBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91902ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaUndyed batik for jacket sleevesBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91905ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaRoll of beaten clothBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91914ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaDyed and polished clothBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91915ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaIndigo-dyed apronsBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91917ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaIndigo-dyed cloak liningBalfour-Paul JDawson EC
91918ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaIndigo dyed clothBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91919ACANTHACEAE Strobilanthes cusiaChinaIndigo-dyed clothBalfour-Paul JBalfour-Paul J
91920CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaChinaHemp muslinBalfour-Paul JChang ED

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