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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
3676BURSERACEAE Boswellia spYemenWoodBlair Genl James Political Resident
3677BURSERACEAE Boswellia spYemenWoodBlair Genl James Political Resident
3757BURSERACEAE Commiphora opobalsamumYemenWoodHooker Sir JD
13511SCROPHULARIACEAE Campylanthus junceusYemenWoodSmith AR, Lavranos J
27169EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra YemenWoodHooker Sir JD
33369CELASTRACEAE Catha edulisYemenTwigs wrapped in banana leavesLeon C
36105PALMAE Phoenix dactyliferaYemenCord made of split leavesBrig-Gen AGF Hogg
36898DRACAENACEAE Sansevieria ehrenbergiiYemenRope of FibreLunt W, South Arabian Exped
36928DRACAENACEAE Sansevieria ehrenbergiiYemenRope and fibreMcConkey Mrs, Aden
40865RANUNCULACEAE Nigella sativaYemenSeedsIndia Museum

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