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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
18549PINACEAE Picea abiesGermanyWoodThiselton-Dyer Sir WT
18553PINACEAE Picea abiesGermanyWoodVon Martius Dr
24945FAGACEAE Fagus spGermanyWoodBrandis Prof
27018FAMILY UNKNOWN Calamodendron GermanyPortion of stemKrantz Dr F,Rheinisches Mineralien-Contor
27058FAMILY UNKNOWN Medullosa stellataGermany
27326PINACEAE Abies balsameaGermanyConeSolms-Laubach Count
27419PINACEAE Abies lasiocarpaGermanyBarkHankel M
27459PINACEAE Abies pindrowGermanyConeSolms-Laubach Count
27727PINACEAE Picea marianaGermanyBranch with conesThiselton-Dyer Sir W
28656TAXODIACEAE Taxodium distichumGermanyConesMuseo botanico BerolinensiHennings P

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