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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
8652ROSACEAE Sorbus aucupariaUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelersky Prof AA
17411CORYLACEAE Ostrya carpinifoliaUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelersky Prof AA
20293TILIACEAE Tilia caucasicaUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof AA
20434RUTACEAE Poncirus trifoliataUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof AA
20996ACERACEAE Acer campestreUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof. AA
20999ACERACEAE Acer hyrcanumUSSRWoodYatsenko-khmelevsky Prof. AA
21009ACERACEAE Acer platanoidesUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof. AA
21011ACERACEAE Acer pseudoplatanusUSSRWoodYatsenko-khmelevsky Prof. AA
21015ACERACEAE Acer trautvetteriUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof. AA
21016ACERACEAE Acer velutinumUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof. AA

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