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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
1005GUTTIFERAE Hypericum lanceolatumReunionWoodParis Exhibition
5152SAPINDACEAE Cupania laevisReunionWoodParis Universal Exhib.
5153SAPINDACEAE Cupania laevisReunionWoodParis Universal Exhib.
9752MYRTACEAE Eugenia coriaceaReunionWoodParis Exhib.
10254NONE Foetidia mauritianaReunionWoodParis Exhibition 1878
11954SAPOTACEAE Imbricaria petiolarisReunionWoodParis Exhib.
12201SAPOTACEAE Sideroxylon bojeranumReunionWoodParis Exhib.
12203SAPOTACEAE Sideroxylon bojeranumReunionWoodParis Exhib.
12841OLEACEAE Olea obtusifoliaReunionWoodParis Exhib.
13102APOCYNACEAE Ochrosia borbonicaReunionWoodParis Exhibition 1878

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