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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
4748CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron aethiopicumSeychellesWoodHerb. KewWood D
4865CELASTRACEAE Mystroxylon aethiopicumSeychellesWoodHerb KewWood D
14061AVICENNIACEAE Avicennia marinaSeychellesWoodWood D
14062AVICENNIACEAE Avicennia marinaSeychellesWoodUniv. of West Indies
14063AVICENNIACEAE Avicennia marinaSeychellesWoodUniv. of West Indies
20282TILIACEAE Luhea divaricataSeychellesWoodChristie WD
20758CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron aethiopicumSeychellesWoodWood D
20759CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron aethiopicumSeychellesWoodWood D
20760CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron aethiopicumSeychellesWood and leavesWood D
20761CELASTRACEAE Elaeodendron aethiopicumSeychellesWoodWood D

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