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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
324ANNONACEAE Hexalobus monopetalusZambiaWoodMilne-Redhead E
325ANNONACEAE Hexalobus monopetalusZambiaWoodMilne-Redhead E
392ANNONACEAE Uvaria angolensisZambiaWood
515CAPPARACEAE Boscia caulifloraZambiaWoodMilne-RedheadMilne-Redhead E
516CAPPARACEAE Boscia caulifloraZambiaWood
517CAPPARACEAE Boscia caulifloraZambiaWood
679FLACOURTIACEAE Flacourtia indicaZambiaWoodMilne-Redhead E
1202GUTTIFERAE Garcinia polyanthaZambiaWoodMilne-Redhead E
1208GUTTIFERAE Garcinia polyanthaZambiaWoodHerb KewMilne-Redhead E
1245GUTTIFERAE Harungana madagascariensisZambiaWoodMilne-Redhead E

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