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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
3622BALANITACEAE Balanites maughamiiMozambiqueWoodHerb. KewDawe MT
4234MELIACEAE Khaya nyasicaMozambiqueWoodFPRL
4235MELIACEAE Khaya nyasicaMozambiqueWoodDawe MT Dir. Agric.
5978ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraMozambiqueWoodJMAU Xiloteca
15498EUPHORBIACEAE Androstachys johnsoniiMozambiqueWoodCoombes G
19449PODOCARPACEAE Podocarpus milanjianusMozambiqueWoodBrown Henry
29535MUSACEAE Ensete gilletiiMozambiqueNecklace from seedsKirk Sir J
32462POACEAE Saccharum officinarumMozambiqueCane sugarSena Sugar Co
32493POACEAE Saccharum officinarumMozambiqueCane SugarSena Sugar Co.
36999DIOSCOREACEAE Dioscorea spMozambiqueSliced tubersDawe MT

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