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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
435ANNONACEAE Xylopia spSierra LeoneWoodUnwin AH
437ANNONACEAE Xylopia spSierra LeoneWoodUnwin Dr AH
818FLACOURTIACEAE Smeathmannia spSierra LeoneWoodUnwin Dr AH
819FLACOURTIACEAE Soyauxia floribundaSierra LeoneWoodDeighton FC
1186GUTTIFERAE Garcinia kolaSierra LeoneWoodUnwin AH
1278GUTTIFERAE Ochrocarpos africanaSierra LeoneWoodBrit. Emp. Exhib.
1279GUTTIFERAE Ochrocarpos africanaSierra LeoneWoodColonial OfficeUnwin Dr AH
2483BOMBACACEAE Ceiba pentandraSierra LeoneWoodUnwin AH
2608STERCULIACEAE Heritiera utilisSierra LeoneWoodBritish Empire Exhib.
2610STERCULIACEAE Heritiera utilisSierra LeoneWoodLane Poole CE

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