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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
77279LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumLycopodium clavatum sporesLycopodium clavatum sporesPharm Soc GB
90229THELYPTERIDACEAE Christella sp.Pat of yeast on base of fern frondsBhutanPat of yeast on base of fern frondsMilliken WMilliken W
94679LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumIndian lycopodiumIndiaIndian lycopodiumHarrod Materia Medica CollectionTuscher, Geoffrey Emile
94777LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumRussian Lycopodium RemanensUSSRRussian Lycopodium RemanensHarrod Materia Medica CollectionPharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Edinburgh
94786LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumRussian lycopodiumUSSRRussian lycopodiumHarrod Materia Medica CollectionPSGBE
94789LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumLycopodium sporesLycopodium sporesHarrod Materia Medica Collection
94790LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumLycopodiumLycopodiumHarrod Materia Medica CollectionfPSGBE
96234LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium clavatumLycopodium remanensLycopodium remanensHarrod Materia Medica CollectionPSGBE
99602 LYCOPODIACEAE Lycopodium sp'Yewsabit' Metal PolishUnited Kingdom'Yewsabit' Metal PolishTurner, JillHarries, Hugh

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