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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40811RANUNCULACEAE Anemone spSeedsCanadaSeedsBourgeau M
40822RANUNCULACEAE Clematis vitalbaFibreSwitzerlandFibreAlexander Dr
44342ASCLEPIADACEAE Asclepias spFlossFlossArjo Wiggins Ltd
44347BOMBACACEAE Ceiba pentandraKapok fibresKapok fibresArjo Wiggins Ltd
48610CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus spNest of Wool BirdSouth AfricaNest of Wool BirdFrere Sir Bartle
48628CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea albiveniaFibreSouth AfricaFibreBaines T
48648CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea bullataFlossTanzaniaFlossRogers FM
49038ASCLEPIADACEAE Fairy Flowers - the pappus of the seedsFairy Flowers - the pappus of the seedsCorry, Soper & Co
49041ASCLEPIADACEAE Pappus from Asclepiadaceae seedsBrazilPappus from Asclepiadaceae seedsWilliams
49200 ASCLEPIADACEAE Gomphocarpus physocarpusFlossTanzaniaFlossAgric Research Inst Amani

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