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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
36939SMILACACEAE Smilax spTuberChinaTuberLebent M A G
37089 ZINGIBERACEAE Boesenbergia spTubersSouth AfricaTubersPharm Soc GB
37142 ZINGIBERACEAE Boesenbergia spTubersTubersPharm Soc GB
40878RANUNCULACEAE Ranunculus ficariaTubersIrelandTubersChemist & Druggist
42041RANUNCULACEAE Ranunculus ficariaWhole plantsUnited KingdomWhole plantsPharm Soc GBShort GRA
48629CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea batatasSliced TubersJapanSliced TubersWilford C
48633CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea batatasTuberThailandTuberInt. Health Exhibition 1884
48634CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea batatasTubersGrenadaTubersColonial & Indian Exhibition
48635CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea batatasTubersGrenadaTubers
48637CONVOLVULACEAE Ipomoea batatasStarchMalaysiaStarch

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