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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40861RANUNCULACEAE Nigella sativaFennel Flower OilIndiaFennel Flower OilIndia Museum
41013ANNONACEAE Cananga odorataOilSeychellesOilDavidson E
41014ANNONACEAE Cananga odorataOilOilBurroughs, Wellcome & Co
48596CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scopariusOil of rhodiumOil of rhodium
48703CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scopariusWood and oils of rhodiumWood and oils of rhodiumPharm Soc GB
49348ASCLEPIADACEAE Pergularia odoratissimaOilIndiaOilIndia Museum
56163PALMAE Cocos nuciferaSolidified oilSolidified oilPharm Soc GB
72085IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusSaffron OilIndiaSaffron OilIndia Museum
72592 PALMAE Oenocarpus batauaOil from fruitsColombiaOil from fruitsDawe MT
73059 THEACEAE Camellia sinensisOilOilPharm Soc GB

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