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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
57243ROSACEAE Prunus amygdalusAlmond shell powderFranceAlmond shell powderDahl WS
73322 PALMAE Cocos nuciferaRubberised fibresRubberised fibresViswauath Prof
73576BIGNONIACEAE Crescentia cujeteDecoration of carved calabashCameroonDecoration of carved calabashRumball N
76049PALMAE Cocos nuciferaToothbrushSingaporeToothbrushWhitby EG
76057 PALMAE Cocos nuciferaLadle of coconut shellPapua New GuineaLadle of coconut shellKlappa S
76061 PALMAE Cocos nuciferaFlasks (2) with stoppersPapua New GuineaFlasks (2) with stoppersKlappa S
76065PALMAE Cocos nuciferaSpoon from shellPapua New GuineaSpoon from shellKlappe S
76072 PALMAE Cocos nuciferaCup on a stickPapua New GuineaCup on a stickKlappa S
76073PALMAE Cocos nuciferaCup from fruit shellPapua New GuineaCup from fruit shellKlappe S
76108CUCURBITACEAE Lagenaria sicerariaPenis gourds (3)Papua New GuineaPenis gourds (3)Klappa S

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