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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
48590CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaCake of scammonyCake of scammonyMenier & Co, Paris
48591CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaCake of gum scammonyCake of gum scammonyBell J & Co
48593CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaScammonyPakistanScammonyIndia Museum, Materia Medica
48594 CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaGum scammonyGum scammonyBell J & Co
48595CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaResin - scammonyResin - scammonyBell J & Co
48597CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaScammonyScammony
48598CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaResin - scammonyResin - scammonyBurgoyne, Burbidges & Co, (Exported by)
48599CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaResin - scammonyResin - scammonyBurgoyne, Burbidge & Co
48601CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaGum Scammony (Amylaceous)Gum Scammony (Amylaceous)Bell J & Co
48602CONVOLVULACEAE Convolvulus scammoniaScammonyIndiaScammonyIndia Museum

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