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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26388AGAVACEAE Clistoyucca arborescensWoodUnited StatesWoodUS Dept. of Agric. Washington
26391AGAVACEAE Clistoyucca arborescensWoodUnited StatesWoodRoutledge T
26392AGAVACEAE Clistoyucca arborescensWoodUnited StatesWoodRoutledge R
26401 AGAVACEAE Clistoyucca arborescensWoodMexicoWoodFuller
26403AGAVACEAE Yucca arborescensWoodUnited StatesWoodRobinson CH
26404AGAVACEAE Yucca arborescensWoodUnited StatesWoodRobinson CH
26405AGAVACEAE Yucca aloifoliaWoodUnited StatesWood
26406AGAVACEAE Yucca arborescensWoodUnited StatesWoodCarls EW
26407AGAVACEAE Yucca baccataWoodUnited StatesWoodUS Dept. of Agric. Washington
29946 AGAVACEAE Clistoyucca brevifoliaFibrous portion of Young StemUnited StatesFibrous portion of Young StemRoutledge Thos

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