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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
36096 PALMAE Veitchia filiferaFruitsFijiFruitsThuston Sir JB
36360PALMAE Veitchia joannisFruitsFijiFruitsSeemann Dr
36375 PALMAE Veitchia joannisFruits of Nin SawaFijiFruits of Nin SawaSeeman Dr
36378PALMAE Veitchia joannisNutsFijiNutsCol & Ind Exhib
36390 PALMAE Veitchia joannisPanicle of Nin Sawa PalmFijiPanicle of Nin Sawa PalmSeeman Dr
73707PALMAE Veitchia wininWood and barkUnited StatesWood and barkFisher J, Ewers F, Gasson P, Curtis A
74123PALMAE Veitchia joanniswood & barkUnited Stateswood & bark
74128PALMAE Veitchia joanniswood & barkUnited Stateswood & bark
74139PALMAE Veitchia wininwood & barkUnited Stateswood & bark
74162PALMAE Veitchia montgomeryanawood & barkUnited Stateswood & bark

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