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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
11426VALERIANACEAE Valeriana arboreaWoodColombiaWoodHerb. Kew
11427VALERIANACEAE Valeriana arboreaWoodColombiaWoodHerb. Kew
52122VALERIANACEAE Valeriana wallichiiLeavesIndiaLeavesPharm Soc GB
52124VALERIANACEAE Valeriana officinalisRootJapanRootPharm Soc GB
52211VALERIANACEAE Valeriana celticaRootsRootsMenier & Co
52212VALERIANACEAE Valeriana capensisRootSouth AfricaRootCol & Ind Exhibition 1886
52213VALERIANACEAE Valeriana celticaRootRootIndia Museum
52214VALERIANACEAE Valeriana hardwickiiRootIndiaRootIndia Museum
52215VALERIANACEAE Valeriana officinalisOil of valerianOil of valerian
52216VALERIANACEAE Valeriana officinalisRootSpainRootGreat Exhibition 1851

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