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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
36468HYACINTHACEAE Urginea indicaPharm Soc GB
36476 HYACINTHACEAE Urginea maritimaBulbsBulbsPharm Soc GB
36478HYACINTHACEAE Urginea scillaBulbsBulbsPharm Soc GB
36490HYACINTHACEAE Urginea scillaBulbsBulbsPharm Soc GB
36498HYACINTHACEAE Urginea scillaShredded bulbShredded bulbPharm Soc GB
36504HYACINTHACEAE Urginea indicaIndiaPharm Soc GB
36515HYACINTHACEAE Urginea indicaPharm Soc GB
36540HYACINTHACEAE Urginea scillaBulbusUnited KingdomBulbusPharm Soc GB
36945HYACINTHACEAE Urginea indicaIndian SquillIndian SquillMeek HO
36946HYACINTHACEAE Urginea indicaIndian SquillIndian SquillSchool of Pharmacy, Leicester

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