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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
4459MELIACEAE Turraeanthus africanusWoodGhanaWoodSmithsonian Inst.
4461MELIACEAE Turraeanthus africanusWoodUgandaWoodStyles BT
4462MELIACEAE Turraea spWoodMadagascarWoodHerb. KewMcWhirter JH
4463MELIACEAE Turraea volkensiiWoodTanzaniaWoodBritish Museum (Natural History)Volkens S
20677MELIACEAE Turraea brevifloraWoodMalaysiaWoodUniv. of MalayaT & P
20678MELIACEAE Turraeanthus klaineiWoodGabonWoodPierre Dr S
24729MELIACEAE Turraeanthus africanaVeneerVeneerWirght John & Sons (Veneers) Ltd
24734MELIACEAE Turraea spWoodMadagascarWoodMcWhirter JH
24735MELIACEAE Turraea spWoodMadagascarWoodMcWhirter JH
63106MELIACEAE Turraea spFruitsFruitsClarke H

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