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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
480MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora neucaledonicaWoodNew CaledoniaWoodHerb.KewMcKee HS
19704MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora spWoodMalaysiaWoodPhytochem. Survey of Malay HerbariumT & P
38439MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora caffraWoodWoodMitchell BL
38522MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora macrocarpaWoodMalaysiaWoodPhytochem. Survey, Malaya HerbariumTeo LE
41128MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora cordifoliaSliced RootIndiaSliced RootIndia Museum
41129MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora berneyiPortion of stemAustraliaPortion of stemBailey FM
41130MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora cordifoliaStarchStarchIndia Museum
41131MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora cordifoliaPortions of StemBurmaPortions of StemHowes FN
41132MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora cordifoliaStarchy extractStarchy extractIndia Museum
41134MENISPERMACEAE Tinospora cordifoliaPortion of stemIndiaPortion of stemIndia Museum

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