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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
33725ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusPaintings on rice paper (tea production)TaiwanPaintings on rice paper (tea production)Fortune RFortune R
39934ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusWoodUnited KingdomWoodTemperate House, Kew
40128 ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusPith of rice paper plantTaiwanPith of rice paper plantJapan Brit. Exhib 1910
40132ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusRice Paper from pithTaiwanRice Paper from pithHill Sir AW
53939ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusRice paper bundlesTaiwanRice paper bundlesJapan-British Exhibition 1910
53950ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusStellate hairsIndonesiaStellate hairsVry Dr de
53951ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusPithTaiwanPithWatters T
53952 ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusStemTaiwanStemBowring Sir J
53953ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusInterior portion of rice paper pithTaiwanInterior portion of rice paper pithBowring Sir J
53954ARALIACEAE Tetrapanax papyriferusSheets of rice paperChinaSheets of rice paperBowring Sir John

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