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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26260 PALMAE Syagrus romanzoffianaWoodUnited KingdomWoodPalm House
26261 PALMAE Syagrus cocoidesWoodBrazilWoodTrail Prof.
26262 PALMAE Syagrus coronataWoodBrazilWoodKnowles & Foster
34977 PALMAE Syagrus romanzoffianumFruitSouth AfricaFruitHowes Dr FN
36278 PALMAE Syagrus amaraFruits of Roseau palmisteFruits of Roseau palmisteMorris Sir D
36280 PALMAE Syagrus amaraFruits of Mocho PalmMontserratFruits of Mocho PalmHollings JS
36283 PALMAE Syagrus amaraFruits of CoccoaineeDominicaFruits of CoccoaineePrestoe H
36314 PALMAE Syagrus coronataNutsBrazilNutsKnowles & Foster, 48 Moorgate, London
36315 PALMAE Syagrus coronataWaxBrazilWaxChiswick Products Ltd
36316 PALMAE Syagrus inajaiFruitsBrazilFruitsTrail JW

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