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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29042 STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusAbnormal coneAbnormal coneMoore Dr T
29043 STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusConeIrelandConeMoore FW
29044 STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusPortion of cone and seedsSouth AfricaPortion of cone and seedsSanderson
29045STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusSeedling plantUnited KingdomSeedling plant
29046STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusZulu necklace made from seedsSouth AfricaZulu necklace made from seedsSaunders Katherine
29047 STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusSnuff box made from seedsSouth AfricaSnuff box made from seedsSanderson
29057STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusConeConeWendland MH
29064 STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusFemale coneSouth AfricaFemale coneTillet WH
29127STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusFemale ConeIrelandFemale ConeBotanic Garden, Glasnevin
72845STANGERIACEAE Stangeria eriopusCone and leafUnited KingdomCone and leafMoore Dr T

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