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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
5857ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraWoodSouth AfricaWoodINDBarraclough RH
5978ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraWoodMozambiqueWoodJMAU Xiloteca
5979ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraWoodSouth AfricaWoodCons. For. Pretoria IND
5980ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraWoodSwazilandWoodBrit. Emp. Exhib.
62130ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya spFruitsFruitsPieraerts Prof
62144ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraFruitsSouth AfricaFruits
62157ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraFruit and leavesFruit and leavesBaines T
62160ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya schweinfurthianaFruitsFruitsGossweiler
62161ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraFruitsFruitsBaines T
73098ANACARDIACEAE Sclerocarya caffraSeedSeed

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