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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
3193 OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca monophyllaWoodMalaysiaWoodRidley HN
3194OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca spWoodWoodS.H. N.Borneo For. Dept.
20383 OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca laxaWoodMalaysiaWoodUniv. of MalayaT., P.
20384 OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca monophyllaWoodMalaysiaWoodPhyt. Chem. Mal. Herb.T., P.
20385 OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca sericeaWoodMalaysiaWoodT., P.
20386OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca spWoodMalaysiaWoodUniv. of MalayaT., P.
74449OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca glaucawood & barkBruneiwood & barkDr Ken Ogata
74531OXALIDACEAE Sarcotheca glaucawoodBruneiwoodDr Ken Ogata

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