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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
14138CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola arbusculaWoodWoodAcad. Imp. Petrop. St Petersburg
14139CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola arbusculaWoodUSSRWoodAcad. Imp. Petrop. St Petersburg
23385CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola longifoliaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr & Co
39666CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola kaliSeedSeed
45954CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola kaliAlkaliIraqAlkaliColvill WH
45955CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola volkinsiiEgyptSchweinfurth Dr
45961CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola kaliRootsIraqRootsColvill WH
45963CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola tuberculataPlantSouth AfricaPlantHenderson & Sons
45966CHENOPODIACEAE Salsola kaliTumblelog Fireplace FuelUnited StatesTumblelog Fireplace FuelOffice of Arid Lands Studies, Univ of Arizona

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