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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
36324PALMAE Salacca secundaPortions of Fruit and SeedsIndiaPortions of Fruit and SeedsMann G
36329PALMAE Salacca wallichianaFruitsBurmaFruitsKurz S
36342PALMAE Salacca wallichianaSection of Midrib of LeafThailandSection of Midrib of LeafHowes FN
72566 PALMAE Salacca zalaccaFruitsIndonesiaFruitsHenshall J
72588 PALMAE Salacca zalaccafruitIndonesiafruitHowes FN
72605PALMAE Salacca wallichianaFruitsThailandFruitsInternational Health Exhibition, HRH Prince Nares
72610 PALMAE Salacca zalaccaFruitsThailandFruitsInter Health Exhib
72612PALMAE Salacca wallichianaFruitsThailandFruitsInter Health Exhib

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