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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
9067RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora apiculataWoodWoodNorth Borneo Forest Dept.
9068RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora conjugataWoodMalaysiaWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
9069RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mangleWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
9070RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mangleWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
9071RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mangleWoodUnited StatesWood
9072 RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mangleWoodWoodImperial Institute
9073RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mangleWoodUnited StatesWoodDept. of Agric., Washington
9074RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mangleWoodSierra LeoneWoodUnwin Dr AH
9075RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mucronataWoodAustraliaWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)
9076RHIZOPHORACEAE Rhizophora mucronataWoodPhilippinesWoodDirector of Forestry, Philippines

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