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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26249 PALMAE Rhapis excelsaWoodJapanWoodOldham
36275 PALMAE Rhapis excelsaFruitsHong KongFruitsFord C
37462 PALMAE Rhapis excelsaWalking stick of Partridge CaneWalking stick of Partridge CaneHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37500PALMAE Rhapis excelsaWalking stick of partridge caneChinaWalking stick of partridge caneHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37506PALMAE Rhapis excelsaWalking cane with inlaid handleWalking cane with inlaid handleHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37520PALMAE Rhapis excelsaUnfinished sunshade handleUnfinished sunshade handleHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37526PALMAE Rhapis excelsaWalking cane of Mountain BayWalking cane of Mountain BayHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37553PALMAE Rhapis excelsaSunshade handleSunshade handleHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37577PALMAE Rhapis excelsaLadies' umbrella stickLadies' umbrella stickHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
37607 PALMAE Rhapis excelsaSunshade handle of Partridge caneSunshade handle of Partridge caneHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co

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