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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34687RESTIONACEAE Restio giganteusSouth AfricaCorry, Soper, Fowler & Co.
34689RESTIONACEAE Restio triticeusSouth AfricaBurchell Miss
34690RESTIONACEAE Restio spBundle of Thatching ReedSouth AfricaBundle of Thatching ReedRawson RW
34884RESTIONACEAE Restio spSouth AfricaRawson RW
34885RESTIONACEAE Restio spSouth AfricaRawson RW
34888 RESTIONACEAE Restio giganteusMale flower spikeSouth AfricaMale flower spikeFletcher G
38725RESTIONACEAE Restio bifurcusSouth AfricaBurchell (Miss)Burchell Dr collection
38740 RESTIONACEAE Restio subverticillatusPlantsUnited KingdomPlants
38741RESTIONACEAE Restio hystrixSouth AfricaBurchell MissBurchell Dr
38743RESTIONACEAE Restio bifurcusSouth AfricaBurchell MissBurchell Dr

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