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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40153LAURACEAE Ravensara spWoodMadagascarWoodPonsonby LPonsonby Laura
45288LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaNutsMadagascarNutsMenier & Co
45289LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaBarkMadagascarBarkBaron Rev R
45290 LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaNutsMauritiusNutsHorne J
45291LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaAnis BarkMadagascarAnis BarkGreenish Prof
45292LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaBarkMadagascarBarkMorris CH Mrs
45312LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaLeaves and fruitMauritiusLeaves and fruitBotanic Garden, Mauritius
45313LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaNutsMadagascarNutsMenier & Co
46727LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaLeavesReunionLeavesPharm Soc GBMartius
73378LAURACEAE Ravensara aromaticaBark and woodMadagascarBark and woodDorr LJ

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