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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26390STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisWoodSouth AfricaWoodInternational Exhib. 1862
29649STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisFruit of Travellers TreeMadagascarFruit of Travellers TreeEllis Rev M
29650STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisFruit of Travellers TreeTrinidad and TobagoFruit of Travellers TreeHart JH
98213 STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisBasketry boxMadagascarBasketry boxDransfield, John; Dransfield, JatmiDransfield, John; Dransfield, Jatmi
98217 STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisBasketry bottle holderMadagascarBasketry bottle holderDransfield, John; Dransfield, JatmiDransfield, John; Dransfield, Jatmi
99438STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisSahefa rice pan - mediumMadagascarSahefa rice pan - mediumGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren
99442STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisSahefa rice pan - bigMadagascarSahefa rice pan - bigGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren
99443STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisSahefa rice pan- smallMadagascarSahefa rice pan- smallGardiner, LaurenGardiner, Lauren

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