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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
17178JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya rhoifoliaWoodJapanWoodJapan-British Exhib., 1910
17179JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya rhoifoliaWoodJapanWoodJapan-Brit. Exhib.
17180JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya rhoifoliaWoodJapanWoodJapan-Brit. Exhib.
24353 JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya fraxinifoliaWoodUSSRWoodYatsenko-Khmelevsky Prof. AA
42697JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya rhoifoliaTray of woodJapanTray of woodVeitch JH
42704JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya rhoifoliaBox and trays of woodJapanBox and trays of woodVeitch JH
42705JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya rhoifoliaTrayJapanTrayVeitch JH
42710 JUGLANDACEAE Pterocarya fraxinifoliaFruitsFruitsEichler Prof

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