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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
3801BURSERACEAE Protium acuminatumWoodIndonesiaWoodRoy. Bot. Gard. Calcutta
3802 BURSERACEAE Protium altissimaWoodGuyanaWoodBritish Museum (Natural History)Schomburgh Sir R
3803BURSERACEAE Protium altissimumWoodGuyanaWoodPark & Cunningham (exhib. of woods)
3804BURSERACEAE Protium altissimumWoodGuyanaWoodGreat ExhibitionOutridge J
3805BURSERACEAE Protium heptaphyllumWoodGuyanaWoodGreat ExhibitionDuggin TB
3806BURSERACEAE Protium heptaphyllumWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
3807BURSERACEAE Protium heptaphyllumWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
3809BURSERACEAE Protium IlanorumWoodColombiaWoodNational Univ. of Colombia
3810BURSERACEAE Protium neglectumWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
3811BURSERACEAE Protium neglectumWoodSurinameWoodStahel G

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