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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
46159LABIATAE Pogostemon heyneanusOil of patchouliIndiaOil of patchouliIndia Museum
46162LABIATAE Pogostemon cablinPatchouli leavesPatchouli leavesPiesse & Lubin
46163LABIATAE Pogostemon cablinPatchouli leavesPhilippinesPatchouli leavesPiesse & Lubin
46164 LABIATAE Pogostemon cablinLeaves and stemsIndiaLeaves and stemsIndia Museum
46165 LABIATAE Pogostemon cablinLeavesSeychellesLeavesImp Inst
46166LABIATAE Pogostemon cablinleavesMalaysialeavesAsst Supt Forests, Penang
46167LABIATAE Pogostemon menthoidesOilIndonesiaOilHenshall J
46168LABIATAE Pogostemon cablinOil of PatchouliDominicaOil of Patchouli
46169 LABIATAE Pogostemon parviflorusBundle of stemsIndiaBundle of stemsIndia Museum
46173 LABIATAE Pogostemon parviflorusLeavesIndiaLeavesHolmes EM

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