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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26338PALMAE Pinanga latisectaWoodUnited KingdomWoodPalm House
36119 PALMAE Pinanga dicksoniiFruitsIndiaFruitsThe Prince of Travancore
36120 PALMAE Pinanga coronataSeedsIndonesiaSeeds
36121PALMAE Pinanga maniiFruitsIndiaFruitsHeneage Capt AW RN
36122PALMAE Pinanga patulaFruitsUnited KingdomFruits
36123PALMAE Pinanga gracilisFruitsIndiaFruitsGrant Duff Rt Hon ME
36124 PALMAE Pinanga distichaSeedsIndonesiaSeedsHickson Dr S
36125PALMAE Pinanga gracilisSeedsIndiaSeedsHooker Sir JD
36126 PALMAE Pinanga coronataFruitsIndonesiaFruitsTreub Dr
36127 PALMAE Pinanga malaianaInfructescenceMalaysiaInfructescenceEast India Company

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