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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
54249UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum capenseFoliageMadagascarFoliagePharm SocParker Dr G
54250UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum ambiguumKouse BreadUnited StatesKouse BreadNational Museum of United States
54253UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum graveolensSeedsIndiaSeeds
54255 UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum graveolensSeedsGermanySeedsCooper Taber & Co
54256 UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum graveolensseedsFranceseedsCooper Taber & Co
54258UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum graveolensSeedsIndiaSeedsCol & Ind Exhib 1886
54259UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum graveolensOil from seeds of DillIndiaOil from seeds of DillIndia Museum
54260UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum graveolensOil from Dill SeedsUnited KingdomOil from Dill SeedsBurgoyne Burbidges & Co
54261UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum dhanaPonsonby LM
54265UMBELLIFERAE Peucedanum millefoliumRoot & UmbelSouth AfricaRoot & UmbelDickson WW

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