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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26711 LABIATAE Origanum majoranaEgyptFlinders Petrie Sir WMFlinders Petrie W
26712LABIATAE Origanum marjoranaWood, leaves and inflorescenceEgyptWood, leaves and inflorescenceHaworth Jesse per Newbury PEFlinders Petrie W
26811 LABIATAE Origanum majoranaGarland or Wreath of various plantsEgyptGarland or Wreath of various plantsFlinders Petrie Sir WMFlinders Petrie W
26817 LABIATAE Origanum marjoranaGarland or Wreath of leaves & flowersEgyptGarland or Wreath of leaves & flowersFlinders Petrie Sir WMFlinders Petrie W
26818 LABIATAE Origanum majoranaGarland or WreathEgyptGarland or WreathFlinders Petrie Sir WMFlinders Petrie W
26819 LABIATAE Origanum majoranaGarlands and WreathsEgyptGarlands and WreathsFlinders Petrie Sir WMFlinders Petrie W
46053 LABIATAE Origanum hortensisPlant of Sweet MarjoramUnited KingdomPlant of Sweet MarjoramDallimore W
46055 LABIATAE Origanum hortensisOil of Sweet MarjoramOil of Sweet Marjoram
46057LABIATAE Origanum onitesPot MarjoramPot MarjoramRawlings
46060 LABIATAE Origanum hortensisPulverised Sweet MarjoramPulverised Sweet MarjoramKent JW

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