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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
54246UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe phellandriumSeedsFranceSeedsMenier & Co Paris
54310UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe crocataRootsUnited KingdomRoots
55831 UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe aquaticaSeedSeedPharm Soc GB
55844UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe crocataLeaves and inflorescenceLeaves and inflorescencePharm Soc GBShort GRA
55856UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe crocataSeeds/fruitSeeds/fruitPharm Soc GB
56030UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe crocataRootRootPharm Soc GB
56654UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe crocataRootRootPharm Soc GB
77080 UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe aquaticaWater hemlock oilWater hemlock oilPharm Soc GB
90526UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe aquaticaWater fennelWater fennelBush Boake AllenBush Boake Allen
90681UMBELLIFERAE Oenanthe aquaticaWater fennel seedsWater fennel seedsBush Boake AllenBush Boake Allen

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